Our Services

Our Services

Domestic Solar PV

With grants of up to 3,000 euro available from the SEAI there has never been a better time to get Solar PV. Each install is normally completely done in a day. After installation,  our team will show you how the system works. They will also show you how to use your smartphone by app to see how it continues to produce when you are not there.

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

With the new generation of electric cars, the demand on electric vehicle chargers is at an all time high. There are several on the market but our company has found that the Zappi car charger is the market leader. People are using the Zappi in Solar PV to charge their cars for free.

Agricultural Solar PV

With the advancement of farming in recent years, the farming sector has realised the huge benefits to using Solar PV.  The large roof space and the benefit of size of the Solar PV array allows the farmer to produce large scale systems. As our company is a TAMS registered Solar PV installer, we can provide the farmer with opportunity to avail of generous TAMS grant for Solar PV.

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